Trusts and Asset Protection

Advice on How to Effectively Protect Your Trust and Business Assets

Trusts and Asset Protection Accountants in Melbourne

In setting up your brand new business, Meta Tax accountants are equipped to analyse the nature of your business goals and help you set up the business structures that best suit your business. With our expertise, we help you adopt measures to protect your family, wealth, real estate and business.

Trusts have their own business accounting and reporting requirements. It is important to decide beforehand what happens to your business and its assets if something happens to you or the company. The specialists at Meta Tax Accountants are experts in restructuring and designing strategies to best manage tax implications and organising structures for beneficiary distribution.

Trusts are required to keep accounting records largely for tax purposes, but they also provide a great deal of freedom in terms of resource allocation and loss distribution. A discretionary trust allows for more flexibility in how income and assets are divided among beneficiaries. We handle tax deductions strategically to benefit your wealth growth and that of your family or other beneficiaries.

Protecting What Matters Most To You

Trust Administration

We help you maintain and manage your finances and investments, preserve wealth for retirement and estate planning, and advise on how to minimise taxation burdens.

Document Preparation

Ensuring all matters relating to the establishment of your Trust are properly managed, we assist you with taxation registrations, annual submissions, and documentation.

Minute Keeping Service

With our extensive experience with trusts and assets, we provide expert asset protection advice on trust information and minute-keeping service, ensuring all statutory requirements are met.

Annual Accounts

With up-to-date knowledge and experience in trust and asset protection according to Australian Accounting Standards, we help you maintain annual financial reports of your trusts and assets.


We help you maintain your trust tax returns in automated accounting systems, prepare the trust tax return, handle profit distributions and check the accuracy of accounting data of your assets.

Asset management

Our qualified accountants focus on delivering effective asset management solutions to ensure you make the right decision at the right time for the right reasons using the right data.

Investment Monitoring

Comprehending your investment portfolio, we help you maximise wealth through impact and optimising returns while minimising risks, costs and taxes on investment opportunities.

Income Distribution

We construct expert advice on how to set up and administer your trusts to better manage your wealth and have more flexibility in how your business funds are distributed.

Estate Planning

We help you transfer your wealth and assets, such as life insurance, pensions, real estate, automobiles, personal possessions, and debt, in case something happens to you.

Trust Structuring

Meta Tax asset protection accountants specialise in finding you solutions and providing you advice on how to set up your trust and how the beneficiaries must be structured.

We’re Here to Help

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